Hello world!


Thanks for taking the time to view my blog. This will predominantly cover the world of golf, but will also be peppered throughout with other national sports views and opinions along with personal anectdotes and hopefully interesting observations and colaborations.

My goal is to share thought provoking and editorial opinions on professional golf from a local and national point of view with anyone willing to read my ramblings. I will try not to speak poorly about anyone who doesn’t deserve it nor will I praise those who need to be exposed. I am paid by no one nor am I endorsed by or treated to equipment or freebies to “enhance” my opinion.

I encourage responses for or against my work. My goal is to see how others see the same things I do. I have a great love for a few sports, golf being my favorite. I am also an avid player. Please keep comments constructive!

I am not a professionally trained writer so please acept that I am a student of AP Style and am trying to write better with each piece. I am also apt to do a bit of wandering with my thoughts at times but I will get around to my point eventually.

If you are a representative or editor for a media outlet and would like me to write a slant or a column for your publication, please contact me about the details.

With that said … Enjoy!

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One Response to Hello world!

  1. Jon says:

    I enjoy your writing. Would you consider changing your text / background color so your blog is more readable?

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